Did you Pre-Order the Studio Display Monitor?

I am considering between the standard and nano display option. I am not entirely sure I want an upgrade because my LG ultrafine on VESA mount is doing the job. My plan is to check it out and if its not that much different, I will be returning it and keeping the ultrafine that has served me well for years.

any thoughts on Nano vs standard?

From what I can tell, the nano is more delicate. Given the number of times I touch my screen to e.g. clean it, reposition it, etc. I went with standard. I’m lucky though, the glare isn’t too bad for my office.

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I went with standard. Nano/anti-glare displays add a slight cloudiness to the image. I do a lot of image editing, so having a sharp display is important to me. I always design my offices so glare is easy to avoid when needed.


I went with nanotexture. My current office is arranged so that glare is not a problem, but I hope to use these displays for a good long time (that’s what I told myself to justify the cost, anyway). When I move, the nanotexture display may give me more flexibility in how I set up my next office.

I went with nano texture. My understanding is that the nano-texture display here does not add perceptible cloudiness to the image, which is what sets it apart from old-school matte displays.

I think if the nano options were worse in any way, you would hear about it from more people. But certainly, if you’re the sort of person who touches your monitor ever (I am not), then it would behoove you to consider the glossy instead.

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I bought the standard display option. This display should be just like the display on an M1 iMac, correct? That’s what I want. I like a glossy display.

I’m still trying to figure out how I can afford a $7,337.12 price tag for a new desktop setup.


That’s not what the articles said when the XDR/iMac came out. Of course, it’s hardly bad, and it is probably better than most.

  • Reduced sharpness — Text isn’t quite as tack sharp as it is on the glossy 5K iMac display.

I can’t figure out what to do with the mount. I’d rather get the apple adjustable but I think it’s only adjustable 4 inches of height. That doesn’t seem like enough to me so I’m planning to go VESA unless someone can correct my math or perspective. I use my sit/stand desk in both positions every day and need to move my monitor all the time.

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This still sounds totally fine. I saw the nano textured one in an Apple Store and wasn’t bothered. Of course, I don’t have 20/20 vision anymore, so YMMV.


Yep. Can’t wait to see it on my Desk.

Scroll down to the AR section, you can see it on your desk today!


I use a VESA mount with my sit/stand desk and I love it. It frees up desk surface space and is infinitely and easily adjustable (any height, side to side, forward and back). I will choose VESA over an adjustable stand for all future purchases.

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I did this for the first time on my desk (as opposed to just messing with AR). Sill ordering some Studio Displays.

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Yes, $50 in sheer drapes from Pottery Barn will fix the glare problem instantly.

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Me too, I wanted to see where it would fit and the general size. It’s not as tall as I thought, even though I knew it was 3.7", seeing it on my desk was nice. It is big though.

I am pretty excited about this computer. The iMacs I have bought over the last decade were all basically the same, just slighty faster. I am looking forward to losing its limitations and having a computer with 32 GBs!

The keyboard and trackpad just shipped!

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Joe Cieplinski:

Advice for those looking into that new display: See it in the store before assuming you want the matte finish. I find it dulls the colors so badly it’s not worth the glare reduction. Better to invest in improving your office lighting.


If nano-texture on this display is anything like the XDR - don’t get it.

It works soo well for reducing glare but wow it’s so ridiculously delicate. I’m super careful around it and have random scratches


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I ordered a TouchID keyboard as well. Should be arriving Friday.

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The better question is did I WANT to order the display. Yes. But, no, I did not. Just bought a 16" MacBook Pro M1 Pro. My budget is shot.


What is the advantage of the 5K 27" Studio monitor over the LG 27" 5K Ultrafine?