Did you update your Dropbox client yet (Mac)?

uncheck all of your folders and wait for them to be removed from your Mac.

Oh heck no

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Please don’t shoot the messenger :grinning:

I use Google Drive so I haven’t encountered this problem yet. My MBA is a server and, so far, I see two options:

  1. Sync everything to the internal drive and use Hazel to move older/larger files to an external drive.
  2. Move my user directory to an external drive.
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I just got the invitation to upgrade Dropbox, where my files will be moved “to a new secure location.”

Nice secure location, pal. Shame if something happened to it.

(This is a gratuitous joke. As has been observed, Apple seems to be requiring cloud providers to move file locations.)


I’ve done the “upgrade” on three Macs. In each case, it went very easily and the application notified me when everything was done (in one case, it was almost instantaneous). You end up with a symlink from the old Dropbox location to the new one, so the files are easy to access. If you were using external symlinks to individual files in your Dropbox, then those would need updating. Otherwise, it was pretty painless. It helps that I didn’t have the files on an external drive. I understand that the process isn’t quite so easy if that’s the case.