Different Music results on different HomePods

Why would I be able to play “Disney Princess Radio” on a HomePod mini connected to my account but my daughter can’t listen to it on a HomePod mini connected to her account. When I ask Siri to play the station she tells me there is no “Disney Princess Radio” station.

I have The $30/mo Apple One plan with my daughter connected to my family group and she has permission to use Apple Music. So I don’t understand the problem.

Can she access Disney Princess Radio on other devices that are logged into her account?

That’s the only device logged in to her account. It’s not really letting her play an music in her HomePod.

Might be worth logging into her iCloud account on a Mac or iOS device to help diagnose whether this is a HomePod problem or an account problem.

I’m thinking it’s an account problem because I haven’t used that account in probably 4 years and I just remember the password. Now I’m having issues with the security questions and it won’t let me login to her account online, account management, with out them. And the recovery email is an old one I no longer have.