Digital emergency preparation

A friend unfortunately recently passed away suddenly (45 years old !).He was a mac nerd and his wife had great difficulty getting access to the files on his computer. Now in the old days you would have a “filing cabinet” you could look in.

It got me thinking it is quite important to think about this stuff and make preparation just in case. Otherwise all your digitised stuff will die with you. Perhaps it is something 1Password could do as a feature…emergency preparation.

Has anyone else given this any thought. It may be a good topic for a show.

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I think people have the right to make their files inaccessible to their families after they die. As annoying or sad as that might be for their families.

The place that contains my will also has instructions for using my 2FA app and paper codes for Google, Dropbox, Bitwarden, and probably a couple others I’m forgetting. I definitely think lawyers and financial planners should make asking about this part of their standard practice.


Some of this is addressed here:

It’s very basic, but I used to give my customers a password in a sealed envelope. I asked them to talk to me before opening. The envelope provided evidence if the password had been used, and a psychological barrier to using the password indiscriminately.

We have all Financial, Legal account details, 1 password and common passwords all shared in 1Password. So we both pretty much have access to 100%.

1Password Families allows you to share all the important stuff with your spouse/SO/loved ones.

I have most of my mom’s accounts, etc in 1Password too because I have her logins in 1Password too.

If you want to keep stuff private, you still have your own personal vault.

I’ve done this for my accounts and have them in a safety deposit box with some other documents. If I get hit by a bus, my family can to anything not in shared vaults.


I’ve done the same :slight_smile:

My wife and I use the same passwords for our computers. That lets us get into each other’s machines in an emergency. We have shared 1Password vaults so all accounts are accessible. Our 1Password recovery is kept in our safe that our son has access to in case both of us get killed in an accident.