Digital Spring Cleaning

Has anyone else done a digital spring cleaning? Now that homeschooling is done I’ve reset all of my kids iPads, the school laptop, our Apple TVs and all of my devices.

I don’t dare touch my wife’s phone. :joy:

For me it’s a way to reset and start fresh. My kids iPads really needed it because they just thro everything into them and don’t care about what it is.

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you homeschool?!!!? so do i !!!

my digital spring cleaning has been for my office of just cleaning out all the dust and doing cable management. LOL

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I love homeschooling!! My wife does the majority of it and she’s great. She’s usually done with three kids in about 4 hrs and it’s nice having the freedom to go out and do stuff on weekdays when I’m not working.

I probably need to go through the office and clean it up too. My office is also the homeschool room so it gets abused by the children most of the year.

I do this probably every 4-5 months, just to feel like I have a fresh new phone and clean out the clutter.