Direct Link to HEY Emails

I am pretty sure I heard @MacSparky say that in his recent use of HEY email, he was able to link directly to messages. I cannot seem to figure this is out.

Is this possible?

I’m not familiar with what David said, but you can just grab the link from the URL in the browser window, e.g.,

This is the same link you’ll get from the app if you tap More…Share or print…Copy.

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@cornchip Thanks! I missed the “More” option!

Appreciate the response!

@cornchip I am still not seeing any kind of Share option

Here is what my “More” looks like. Am I in the wrong place?

No problem! Your screenshot looks like the More menu from the web app. In the web app, you just copy the URL of the email from the URL field in your browser, like so: