Dirty screen, or something else?

I have a 27" Cinema Display that I have hooked up to my MBA, and I have recently noticed this… thing, presumably IN my monitor.

Would anyone have any idea what this might be? Part of me wants to take the thing apart and clean the internals, the other part realizes that mama didn’t raise a surgeon and it might not get back together again…

Looks like a condensation issue inside the LED panel. Do you have any type of humidifier (normal or ultra sonic) in the room?

You “might” be able to remove the glass panel and see if the moisture dries out. Please unplug it from power and disconnect it from your MBA first.

Don’t make your Mama sad, this isn’t an inexpensive repair.

“Do you have any type of humidifier (normal or ultra sonic) in the room?”- No… I have an air purifier, though, less than three feet away…
I have the instructions on how to remove the panel (thank you, machintosh garden, so will give it a go…

FYI - Please unplug the Cinema Display from EVERYTHING before taking the glass off. After removing the glass panel, and placing it somewhere safe, let it sit for about 48 hours. Move your air purifier farther away if possible.

I have seen this happen on Displays, iMacs and laptops. Very common in humid conditions. I have also witnessed this on systems used by heavy smokers. Those units usually have a Tan/Yellow hue in the display.

Before you put the glass back on, have a can of compressed air handy to blow out anything that might cling to the LED or glass. Couple of quick blasts with the glass about an inch from being closed should do the trick.

Best of Luck!

Thanks for your advice and assistance… so, hypothetically speaking, if the task looked to daunting :roll_eyes:, I’ve come across some sites that say a hair dryer on low speed may work… but where? The front (glass)?
I’m no longer Cool Hand Luke, so the risk may be more than the reward…

I would NOT try the hair dryer suggestion. This could potentially cause an electro-static shock issue and make things worse.

Follow my steps above and just let it air out for 48 hours. It will either solve your issue, sort of solve it or not change anything. :man_shrugging:

LED panel replacement would run about $500-700US. IMO it is just not worth it.

Understood. Thanks, again…