Disable Quick Note on iPadOS 15?

Has anyone found a way to do this ? I am forever triggering it accidentally while scrolling with my thumb.


Found this from a Google search:

"If you don’t want your iPad to open Quick Note using the swipe gesture, you can turn it off by following the steps below. To do that, open the Settings app on your iPad.

Inside Settings, select the ‘Apple Pencil’ option.

On the next screen, tap on ‘Pencil Gestures’.

You should see all the gestures that you can do using your Apple Pencil on your iPad. Select the drop-down next to Right Corner swipe and turn it off.

When you turn off the Right Corner swipe, the Quick Note window will no longer appear when swiping your finger or Pencil from the bottom right corner."

That method only turns it off while using the Pencil. Fingers will still activate it.


Thanks. I didn’t try it, and just went by the quote in the article that it applied to the finger or Pencil.

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Not sure it will help but I submitted feedback to add this feature.


Thanks - have done the same.

It doesn’t matter, a finger will still activate it. I accidentally invoke it several times a day and it gets right on my wick.

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