Disadvantage of wireless charging

One disadvantage of always using MagSafe/Qi charging: it makes it easy to not pick up on how much lint has built up in the lightning port of your iPhone. Yesterday I had a hard time getting my phone to charge via cable in the car. That evening I had to pull a nice wad of lint out of the lightning port in order to get it to consistently charge when it was plugged in.


Yikes! :face_vomiting:

TBH, I think you have another issue than just wireless charging. :wink:

Turns out, they make plugs for that.
Who knew?


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At some point I became aware of the iPhones “lint vulnerability” and began regular maintenance of the lightning connection. - i.e. when I think about it I occasionally blow into the port :grinning:

When I travel I’m frequently in areas where electric outlets are few and in high demand and have to rely on battery packs. And I always plug in when using GPS. Wireless charging is just too inefficient for regular use so I really hope the rumors of a port less iPhone aren’t true.

I’s baffling how much lint can accumulate inside such a little port :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ll second this. I started using these religiously and have been very happy with the amount of crud it keeps out of the port.

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They should make them for belly buttons too.


Why isn’t Apple telling us this? Is this some sort of “Lintgate”? On the other hand, maybe this is a missed opportunity for Apple. I’m sure they could design and sell a better plug than the one that @JohnAtl linked above.

My Otterbox Commuter case covers the port. No issues here.

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