Discourse App - Composing on iOS

Hi, is anyone else encountering a line of blank text when trying to compose a forum post using the app? I have an iPhone 7 and it seems like a bug. I am on iOS 12 too so its possible an OS thing.

No I have not, but I did have the post text box, lock the app every time I used it, force quitting the app did nothing but a system restart did, having you given that a go?

I haven’t experienced this specific issue before, but have seen weird inconsistencies from time to time. I’ve never had to do a system restart, but force closing the app has always worked for me. Perhaps one of the changes to Safari in iOS 12 is causing the issue?

Perhaps related, I found that I could not post a message that began with a markdown unordered list (hyphen-style) without leaving a black line at the beginning. I really like Discourse, but it seems pretty buggy so far.

When I saw how bad the reviews were in the App Store, I never downloaded the app. Is it really better than using the browser in iOS? The later seems buggy too, but not as bad as what you’re describing.

The problems I described above are on the web. I like the app because it keeps me logged in and shows a badge for replies to my threads.