Discourse Hub for MacOS

The native Discourse app is only for iOS.

If I read a bunch of different Discourse forums, what are good options for an app to conveniently let me read them all?

If you have M1 you can use the iOS app. Otherwise, unfortunately I am not aware of anything but browser.

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Yup, I use the iPad app on my Mac. It has a couple of minor quirks but it’s generally very good.

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I wish the developer if the iO App “Fig” comes up the Mac O counterpart

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I had the same question and ended up using Keyboard Maestro as a workaround.

Brief explanation: localActive contains the URLs of forums I want to visit frequently separated by new lines, and localInactive contains others. When this macro is triggered, all the forums listed in localActive will be opened in Firefox.


I’d also like Fig for macOS, but development (on iOS) seems to have stopped long ago :cry:

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I’ve heard Safari and Chrome are good apps for discourse forums

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Not exactly what you’re looking for but you can quickly open up multiple Discourse forums with Vivaldi and its command chains feature.

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Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Vivaldi…

Why do you want/need a special app for these websites?

I have a self-packaged Electron app for the MPU forum… it’s nice for context switching and a mindset shift of « I am closing this forum and will proceed to do actual work now » :stuck_out_tongue:

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In my case, Firefox is my primary desktop browser. Although now that you mention it, it was unnecessary for me to specify Firefox in the macro, so I just changed it to Default Application. :smiley:

Would be convenient to open the app all at once and quickly see a list of pending posts across all forums rather than invidivually.

Not the end of the world if it doesn’t exist… and I realize that much if not all of these functions can be created via KM or tab software etc. Stil it would be nice if something integrated it all.

An analogy is Apple News - why aggregate the news into one app if you can just go to each news site individually?

Indeed, that’s why I love using the lil DiscourseHub app on my iPhone, despite its barebones functionality and apparently stagnant development (in the client app). I probably spend as much time in it as in Apollo for Reddit.