Discourse notification trigger

This is a very meta question -

Now that I’m using PushCuts more, I’m realizing that I’d love to have Discourse trigger a web URL when someone replies to one of my posts. (it could be me, but I find the DiscourseHub app on iPhone to be unreliable regarding notification.)

I don’t see anything in my Discourse preferences. Wondering if anyone knows something I don’t know?

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It’s because Discourse does only pull notifications out of the box. Push notifications require an external service configured.

It is possible to get notifications for a user via a feed, but it requires a system level API key unfortunately.

See here: https://meta.discourse.org/t/how-to-get-notifications-via-the-api/120951

Justin, that is a HUGE bummer, but the explanation is very helpful. Thank you!

@RosemaryOrchard, any interest in giving me a system level API key?

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