Discourse’s “DONE” button in the upper left

I’ve downloaded the Discourse app and am using it on my iPad and iPhone. But at the top of the screen is a big “Done” button. I guess this is for people who have a long list of sites they visit with Discourse. It keeps grabbing my attention—when I’m finished with a topic, I hit “Done” and get kicked back out of the the MPU universe. ARGH. There appears to be no way to get rid of this UI—it eats up the top of my screen the entire time I’m on the app. Is there any way to fix that?


Same happens to me. The frustrating part is to have the < and > buttons hidden at the bottom and they’re definitely much more needed than the Done button!

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From what it looks like, the Discourse app is just a glorified web view app rather than a native app where UI elements can be placed wherever needed. I ended up deleting the Discourse app and just bookmarking the talk.macpowerusers.com page to my homescreen for easier access. It also seems to load quicker but maybe that’s my mind playing tricks with me.

It would be great to find a native app for discourse but I’ve been unable to find one unfortunately…


That’s MUCH better! Thank you. I think you’ve solved it for me. If some of the other groups I’m subscribed to on FB switch over too, I might go back. But while MPU is the only Discourse group I’m on, I’ll just copy this strategy. And the BIGGEST plus is I get a gorgeous MPU icon on my iPad Screen!

@joebuhlig is notably interested in feedback on the app (ref. Forums Apps on iOS and MacOS).

Just did the same, and have it on the Homescreen now. Lost count how many times I hit “done” as well.

However, now I’m facing the situation - with the homescreen solution - of not having a ‘back’ button either? Am I missing a trick? Currently, need to go back to the Recents’ page, using the Hamburger top right. Is there a gesture to go ‘back’ on an iPhone 8+ (presuming their might be a unique one for the X)?

EDIT: Seems to be ‘swipe from left’! Tried it, but didn’t work because of my phone’s case. Tried it again now, and it did the trick. Joy. Problem solved.

Edit on my Edit: Goodness, must have been a long day. What I thought was the ‘back’ option, was merely invoking the app-switcher. Since I had talk.mpu.com open to ‘Recents’ in Safari, and it was my previous app, I failed to realise I was simply jumping back into Safari, thinking instead I was going back from ‘this page’. :blush:

So, daft moment aside - a ‘back’ button over in the Discourse app would be nice!

Thanks for the tag, @sylumer. :wink:

I’m experimenting with a theme on the Productivity Guild right now that may be of interest to the MPU Talk community. When you install the Guild as an icon on your homescreen, it changes the UI a bit to look like this:


The idea is to give us navigation at the bottom for these “apps” or PWAs (Progressive Web App) as well as a back button in the top-right.

It’s a very new build (last week) so I don’t know how stable it is at the moment, but I’ve not heard any negative feedback on it to date.

If this is something @RosemaryOrchard, @MacSparky, and @katiefloyd are interested in, we can explore adding it here.


I’ve been playing with it on your forum! The reason why I would personally stick with the Discourse app is that all the forums are together, and I have a fair few of them :laughing:

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Hmmm that’s interesting. Swiping from left to right does take me back to previous page. I’m still in the Discourse app. Been using it for a while. Am I misunderstanding?

That is the biggest drawback to using Safari Homescreen bookmarks! I’m finding myself having several different forums on discourse with icons for each one rather than one app to house all of them. I wonder if there is a way to adjust the discourse app to treat the in-app web browser to move navigation for the back button to the bottom and keep the done button at the top? Done is still a necessary button for more than one forum user to get back to the list of forums @joebuhlig

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As they’re using a standard Safari option provided by Apple I’m not sure they can do that.

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Thanks for this. Nope, but I could have been clearer.

I deleted Discourse, and tried the Safari homepage trick. Then I realised I was missing the back button. In Safari, swiping from the left, triggers the app-switcher. I thought it was a ‘back’ button, with my initial swapping between the homepage ‘app’, and Safari proper.

Having just seen your post, I reinstalled Discourse, and what do you know… in Discourse, swiping from left does appear to go back, as opposed to triggering the app-switcher! Which is great, so… Back to Discourse. Must just ‘train’ myself not to hit the ‘Done’ button now!!

What else besides omnigroup?

Check out this topic:


The app also appears to resizes images so the forum accepts them.