Discovered trick in iOS Apple Mail and Sharing

I don’t know if this is a feature that was added with the most recent update to iOS or if I am just now stumbling upon it, but I’m sharing this as I suspect there are others in this forum who may not realize this feature exists.

One of the reasons I had migrated to 3rd party mail clients on iOS is because of the ability to share the email or attachments to other applications, e.g., DEVONthink. In the stock mail app one can, of course, select print then pinch zoom to create a PDF that can then be shared with other applications. This I knew.

What I just discovered is that if you have an attachment in an email, in the Apple Mail app., you can press and hold the attachment briefly, then let go. When you do, the share menu appears! I can then share the attachment with any of the available applications. Obviously you can open an attachment to accomplish this but a mere press accomplishes the same thing. Again, 99% of you may already know this but for the other 1%, I’m passing this along. Given that I can print/zoom and share an entire email or just an attachment with other applications from within Apple may cause me to use the Apple Mail app as my default now and only use 3rd party apps when I need a special feature, e.g, scheduling a an email to send later.