Display Arrangement Alternatives?

Hey friends,

Like many of you, I have needed to add live-streaming into my life, which I don’t mind, but I am having to juggle multiple displays to do it, and I really don’t like the Displays → Arrangement experience.

I constantly have to re-arrange them and rebuild my configuration from scratch. Is there any third-party software that could help here?

I haven’t found anything yet. Love to know if you guys have had more success in this area!

  • Keyboard Maestro will allow you to programatically change where each app goes on each screen.
  • Better Touch Tool enables you to drag and snap windows into full/half/quarter screen really easily. This is probably closest to what you are looking for
  • Display Menu allows you to change the screen resolution from the menu bar, and if you buy the paid for version, has AppleScript support so you can change resolution with a keyboard shortcut (handy if, like me, you have a widescreen monitor but often share your screen with normal monitors).

I don’t do any live-streaming so none of this may help, but I find all three useful for video conferencing and screen sharing.

Have you checked out SwitchResX?


I’ve been moving Moom for many years and it continues to serve me well. Among other things, I appreciate how flexible it is and its ability to tie specifics window configurations or even sequences of window configurations (e.g. move this window to the monitor on my left and resize it to fill the screen) to keyboard shortcuts.

I’ve experimented with similar apps, but keep coming back to Moom.

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