Displaying iPhone pics on non-smart TV

Hi folks, I’ve just returned from a vacation (without WiFi and cell access, no less), and have a bunch of pics on my iPhone.

I’d like to display them on our TV, so that everyone can watch. I don’t have a smart TV, nor Apple TV. I’ve got a Mac, iPhone and iPad (but the pics are only on the phone at the moment.).

What is the best/easiest way to display them on a regular TV?


It will depend on the type of inputs your TV supports and what ports you have on your Mac. Digital inputs such as HDMI would probably be the simplest, but you can even get adapters for composite video.

Depending on the type of inputs the appropriate cable and adapter would allow you to display images from your Mac to the TV. The cheapest solution would probably be if your mac has HDMI or mini display port and your TV had HDMI.

Of course if you didn’t want to spend the money, you could just view them on your Mac.

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Maybe the Lightning Digital AV Adapter?

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Thanks for the suggestions, but The mac screen is too small for several people to view at the same time.

I seem to remember doing a screencast from my mac, and watching the pics on the TV. The mac used to get very hot though, the fans would start running. I forgot how I did that, its been several years. Maybe I used a chromecast, which I no longer have.

Does the TV have an HDMI connector? Also, what year and model of Mac? That would let us know what connectors you have and what you would need.
Once the TV is connected to the Mac you will just use the built-in display mirroring capabilities which are configured in =>System Preferences => Displays and then tick show mirroring options in Menu bar.

The tv does have HDMI inputs, as well as the typical RCA.
The mac is a mid or late 2012, but I don’t have a lightning to HDMI cable at the moment.

If you have 2012 Mac, a Mac mini or MacBook Pro would only need an HDMI cable. All other 2012 Macs would require a mini display port to HDMI adaptor

You should be able to confirm the spec for your specific Mac at Everymac

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I ended up using a non-Apple solution. I had an old Roku stick lying around, which provides me with wireless picture broadcasting.

Thanks for th suggestions everyone.
When I update to a smart TV, I’ll make sure to get an HDMI adapter for the Apple devices