DNS Update Period

Does anyone have experience of changing DNS settings?

The general view is that:

These changes may take a while to implement.

How long is “a while”? An hour? 24hrs? 48hrs? A week?

In any type of fault finding it’s essential to be able to test changes against expectations, but if there’s a delay then it’s equally essential to understand when the changes are likely to have been implemented.

Wow. I was really hoping it was going to be closer to an hour.

For me mostly it is quick like within an hour. I am using dynu to handle dynamic IP of my home broadband.

I am self hosting a website and using dynu to redirect my domain to the right IP when the ISP changes the IP address. I have configured dynu settings in my router’s DDNS configuration

Thanks Lars, for sure full propagation takes time you are right.

Are there any you can recommend?

Hi. I run a small business find web development.

DNS does propagate quickly but it depends on your domain registrar.

GoDaddy for example doesn’t instantly send your changes. They wait possibly to batch DNS changes for all their customers. This it can take 24 hours with them.

I use hover.com and DNS changes take minutes to an hour.

Here is a DNS checker.

Let me know if I can help further. :slight_smile:

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Fantastic! Thanks! This is an awesome tool