Do I need a drobo and more

Just wondering if anyone recommends the drobo still. I have a nas it’s a Qnap nas. But fancy moving to drobo. Seems a lot easier to understand.

Any recommendations would be great.

Also. I remember a few years ago Mac power users did a theme on going paperless. Does anyone know if this has been updated recently.

I have a snap scan or scan snap lol and would love to use it. But last time I read not supported on Mojave

Any help and pointers would be great.


I’m in the process of moving my network storage from a Drobo to a headless Mac mini with a bunch of external hard drives hanging off of it.


Consider Synology Drobo has great marketing but doesn’t always live up to the expectations…

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  • you have a Qnap, that’s great
  • you want a drobo, that’s a tremendous downgrade, keep that in mind.
  • as an an alternative: try a synology!

There have been at least a thousand posts about scan snap scanners here on the forum. Give them a search.

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Drobo was just recently purchased by StorCentric (also purchased Nexsan, the people who killed Transporter). I have a feeling the Drobo line will end soon. The AP development seems to have stalled on the Drobo. Very disappointing.

If you are thinking of standing up a NAS, I’d look into freeNAS if you want a lot of nerd nobs to play with. I am going to replace my two Drobos with it. Other then that, I think Synology is the winner these days.

I had a terrible service experience with Drobo. Switched to Synology and have had an excellent experience. Definitely steer clear of Drobo IMHO.


my scansnap works fine on Mojave, just give it a try!
Or else, as @JohnAtl says: search the forum for help.

I’ve got a Drobo and it’s been great. Can’t speak to their future, but nothing is ever certain.

As we talk about on an upcoming episode, what’s nice about using a Mac and a bunch of storage is the ability to manage that with macOS. NAS products can do a lot of things, but having a Mac in the middle opens up some interesting possibilities as well as easier cloud backup.


How come most posts I have read seem to ignore the Western Digital NAS solutions?

I’m currently considering a WD My Cloud Home to also run Plex.

Because these consumer level devices are often less reliable.

I picked up a Drobo 5D3 for a NUC (little intel compute box), powerful combination, mind you it is direct attached storage, not network. This is basically my single server that hosts “downloads”, VPN server, homebridge, a few virtual machines, Plex and backups (crashplan then out to cloud for offsite).

If you are after a simple choice that is foolproof, the drobo is a great choice. If you need advanced features and total control it is not the device for you.

I’d also encourage anyone to consider direct attached storage over network attached if most of your large file transfer volume is to a single server. Mainly due to the speed difference, thunderbolt 3 is many times faster than even bonded gigabit Ethernet.

Also using a NAS as a server can be the wrong direction IMHO as you are limited to specific software and versions, also RAM costs for NAS is rather ridiculous. But it is a more simple and streamlined approach if you can get what you need.

in the past i have been a sysadmin for enterprise organisation dealing with large scale storage infrastructure, the drobo is just fine for me as it just works without fiddling about.

Good luck with your selection and deployment, let us know how you get on.

PS - I’m hoping the commitment by Drobo to release Thunderbolt 3 support for Windows is delivered given the new ownership. Key point for anyone looking at the DAS version, you can’t currently use Thinderbolt 3, not a big deal as I doubt it would make things that much faster.