Do iTunes Backups back up App Data?

I have been googling around and have been unable to find an answer to this question… I found that the apps themselves are NOT backed up but nothing about app data. I use sleep cycle and Life Cycle, both of which charge a monthly fee to back up data and I’d much rather have data from these apps stored on device, while still knowing I can restore the data if I get a new phone.

Have you looked at iMazing? That would add app backups incl app data, at least for the data on device.

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Generally app data is backed up; however, developers can exclude files from backups. This is useful for example with downloadable content, such as a movie in netflix.

I don’t know any specifics for those apps though.

Thanks for responding, is their a way to determine which apps exclude files?

Just downloaded iMazing, thanks for the suggestion!