Do Not Disturb in Shortcuts. Help please


Not sure what I am doing wrong, but I can’t get Shortcuts to disable Do Not Disturb via shortcuts. I was trying to make a “take a nap” shortcut.

Anyway, have created a test shortcut (in screenshot) and I would have thought it should switch on do not disturb when run, then 10 Sec later disable it. First not happens, but switching off again doesn’t.

Any ideas?

Thanks. image

So, this trick worked for me. image

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Thanks. So that seems to work. The key point being that I should set ‘until’ a time and then define time with the variable rather than ‘until’ variable.

Somehow, in my case, it wasn’t working without asking for the input. How about you?

Works without an input field. I can just set adjusted date with current date and a constant

OMG, I came here with the same problem, and thanks to Discourse search, found this thread. Looking at your comments, I figured out the problem.

Craig, you (and I) did:
DND Until [magic variable]

Shayonpal, you did:
DND Until Time
Time is [Magic Variable]

I made the change to the second way, without changing anything else, and it’s working flawlessly!

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I’m glad it worked for you :+1: