Do the new 2019 27" iMacs have user accessible RAM?

I know that the 2017 27" models do. But today, an independent dealer clerk told me that the new 2019 models are not user accessible?

Can anyone on here confirm or debunk that? I’m wavering between a 2017 refurb and a new 2019 model, and accessible RAM is a huge issue to me.

Thanks in advance.

Do not buy from this uninformed chump.

FYI: all 27" iMac models still have User upgradeable RAM… the 21.5" iMacs do not have easily upgradeable RAM options.

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But not the iMac Pro :frowning:

Thanks all. In the end, I went with a previous model 27" iMac, available unopened at a very good price… :smiley:

Now I have to find a way to mount it below the desktop or else shorten the legs of the computer desk. Otherwise, looking at the top of the screen is going to put me in traction somewhere! :face_with_head_bandage:

Rambling …

If you lower the legs on your desk the keyboard is also lowered. I’m guessing you may then have better arm/hand position to avoid RSI and body twisting issues.

Raising your chair can do the same if dangling legs are not a problem.

Here’s one way of looking at the situation.

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