Do you blog? I want to read it

I’m working my way through the series right now. I first read the original trilogy and the Harper Hall trilogy in junior high, but I relatively recently discovered that there are a lot more books. I’ve been working my way through them in (Pernese) chronological order — I’m currently on All the Weyrs of Pern. :slight_smile:

Todd McCaffrey has carried the series even further. Initial ones not great but he’s improving.

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I’ve been trying to get one off and running more regularly for my Apple Users Group. I use Squarespace. I also embed my screencasts there.


Didn’t he write some of the stories set during the Third Pass?

If I’m remembering rightly, I agree — he’s not as good as his mother, but still enjoyable, and his later work is better.

I’ve been blogging at about anything that crosses my mind for nearly 20 years, with lots of ups and downs in activity level. Probably the most frequent topics are tech and travel, but it varies.

Yes, I have a working Apple blog where I try to share tips and tricks, app reviews, and important news. I am trying to be more regular but currently I only post once or twice in a month.

Thanks for starting this thread…Over the last 12 years, I’ve built an entire business around blogging, Storage Switzerland. We also focus on IT, Enterprise Data Storage, Cloud Storage, as well as Backup and Disaster Recovery. All the content, both video, and audio are created on Macs or in my case, iPad’s. I use Drafts and Ulysses for the majority of my writing. We recently launched our podcast, Storage Intensity. For that, we use a Zoom H6, since all our Podcasts are face-to-face interviews with CTO’s at various technology companies. I typically have a new post or two go up on every day, and we drop a new podcast episode once per week.

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Visited your website, and watched one of the recent episodes. Very good. Congratulations.

I do!

Safe As Milk

“Intermittent” is generous, but I’ve started to approach it as a place to post anything I’d normally take to Twitter or Instagram.

I was a Movable Type user way back when and I moved to Wordpress when MT went to a pay model. It’s a purely recreational pursuit for me.

It’s probably of interest to about three people here, but I blog about MS SQL Server and PowerShell at

Have so loved this thread and have conscientiously added everyone’s feeds to an “mpu” folder in feedly. Very much looking forward to reading the fab range of ideas and areas of interest as people post.

I’m a choreographer and dancer. Have been listening to MPU for years now and I don’t imagine there are too many dancers in the audience (!).

I’ve blogged at for 11 years (started off as a posterous site) – mostly on creativity, writing, dance and choreography … and with dustings of tech-related stuff every now and again. Am now in the process of switching over to Blot after @ryanjamurphy mentioned it. That’s getting going on but not too much to see there yet.

Thanks all for this thread. Enjoy your weekend.


Just started up a but will probably self-host at some point at and blog from that.

I’m a bit late to this, but I have a blog at where I blog primarily about Apple, tech, and automation/Shortcuts. Haven’t posted in quite some time as things have been insane, but I hope to start up again soon.

My marketing strategy blog is

My foodie blog is

And my annual turkey page (25 years running!) Is

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What an incredible uplifting idea! Plus you make total sense.

I haven’t blogged in years. I love to write, a LOT! I haven’t written on my blog in years but this has very little material in which that would even matter. I merely wrote about what I found interesting.

In the event you travel there and like anything, anything at all– please let me know! Doing so will encourage me to write and to take up blogging again. Feel free to fib. ;o) Now that you mention it, I really do miss it! There are also links to my webpage or another blog. I did them just for fun.


Thanks ever so much! I will be adding this page to my so I can make sure to visit my Macpowerusers aficionados’ blogs. ( A bookmark worked, lol) You certainly are an amazing bunch.


I wish I could audit one of your courses! I bet you can REALLY teach!

A small personal blog about whatever.

That’s a fantastic domain!

… this is amazing.

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