Do you have an End of Year / Start of year task list?

Do any of you do a End of Year / Start of New Year task list in regard to your computer systems?

Every year in December I Create a project in Things and add a bunch of computer-related tasks that I usually accomplish in Late December. Some of these are apart of quarterly or monthly tasks I already perform but here is some of the main tasks on my list. Most of it is just reviewing and cleaning up folders and files.

-Review & Purne
-Docs, Music, Pictures, Movies Folder

  • Aflred Workflows
  • Keyboard maestro Macors (Sort by Last used and review if still needed)
  • Schedule my recurring bills in Things for the year (Electric, Cable)
  • Review / Prune Social Media Connections*

(I started this a few years ago so each year its maybe 1 or two people a year now. I request my data from the service (LinkedIn, Instagram / Twitter) and than export the friend list to CSV, Import in Excel and scroll the list putting a mark next to anybody I want to remove. Its a very easy process creating the list in excel)

What are some end of year / start of year tasks you run on your systems?


Hm. Good reminder. Thanks for this.

I prune social media connections organically, which is why I still only follow ~220 accounts on Twitter (last I looked). If I made a concerted effort I could likely get it well below 200, but that would be mostly inactive accounts. I should get around to “pruning” LinkedIn… aka deleting my account.

The single task I do on 1 January every year, for which a Reminder is all I need, is to change the filename prefix on my camera. It’s currently “KP22” which represents photos taken with my Pentax KP in 2022. That will, of course, become “KP23”.


I update the prefix for all of my ‘monitoring’ spreadsheets. Thinks like my personal balance sheet, utility consumption etc.

All I do is a save as with the new prefix 2023 for next year.

In theory my backup strategy would mean nothing is lost if it becomes corrupted but I feel more comfortable having a ‘year end’ copy in reserve.