Do you remember the new iOS app (or Mac app) for time tracking that David mentioned?

In a show towards the end of 2018, I believe David mentioned a time tracking app that was in beta that he was testing.

Does anyone remember the name? Does anyone know if it ever was released? I’m stumped.

Thanks so much!

My understanding is it still hasn’t been released.

Anyone know if Toggl is the only one on iOS and macOS?

It is called Timery, the Automators twitter account will send out a message once it is out of beta.


I use it on iOS and import to Timing on Mac. If I did not have Timing, I would use it on Mac as well.

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Timery is the one. It’s a Toggl client and it’s very nice.


Thanks everyone! sounds like it’s worth the wait,


Just to clarify: Are Timery and Tyme different apps, or is Tyme the possible “name-change” discussed on Automators previously?

Also @ismh, when you say “that’s the one,” is “that” Timery or Tyme? Thank you!!!

I just noted in Timing that I spent some time looking for timing apps. :roll_eyes:


Timery is the current beta app


Timery is the one that’s been mentioned on all the podcasts as being in beta - it’s an iOS app for Toggl that’s much better than the original app! Tyme is something else again.

And @ismh beat me to it :laughing:

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It seems like the naming of time tracking apps is getting as confusing as task management apps (Due, Teux Deux, todoist, 2do, Todo, To-Do (the one by Carrot), or To-Do (the one by Microsoft)).


Any update on when Timery is being released? I keep hearing these wonderful things about it and am desperate to try it out!

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Just a little more patience ! :smiley:

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It’s very good; miles better than the Toggl app.

Will there be a MacOS version?

Not that I’m aware of.

The release-date has been set: next Monday (May 20, 2019)

Aaaand it’s out!

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I got a brief review up, and John at MacStories went deep:

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