Do you store spreadsheets in your everything bucket?

I use EagleFiler instead of DEVONthink or Evernote and do NOT store any of my spreadsheets in it. Seems like it might play havoc with indexing and not give much bang for the buck when I search. I do put my spreadsheet folder in the Finder sidebar for quick access but maybe I’m missing a good bet here?

While you don’t use it, I put all my Excel and Numbers spreadsheets in my “works in progress” (WIP) DEVONthink database. Simple. Probably no benefit for DEVONthink’s searching power, but the idea I know where they are is valuable for me.

Yup, that’s a consideration. I like having fewer places to look for things.

Yes, because my colleagues use Excel all the time.

I throw them in my Devonthink databases and need to search spreadsheets daily. It’s one of the reasons that I moved back after trialing Obsidian. There is no way I can convert these to markdown, and searching them is mission-critical for my job.

The search on Devonthink is unbeatable.


Looks like I should “go empirical” and try throwing a spreadsheet into my everything bucket and see how it stands up to indexing and search.

Simple test with one Numbers spreadsheet imported to EagleFiler resulted in no discernible difficulty during the brief indexing process and allowed me to search for and find text within the spreadsheet. Also EagleFiler displayed the contents of the spreadsheet (perhaps using the Mac’s Quick Look facility).

I am tempted to throw them all in. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I keep my Spreadsheets on the Pages folder app or a bookmark away in Google Sheets, because they are not related to a specific project.

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