Do you think apple will release a competitor to the whole new AI integration Microsoft is doing?

Why does it have to be one or the other? The beauty of what Apple does in the consumer market is that their hardware and software are so closely integrated.

It doesn’t have to be. I find it helpful to think of Apple as a hardware company when I want to understand their strengths, what motivates them, and how they compare to other tech companies. But of course the great hardware isn’t anything without iOS and other integrated software like Messages. It’s a combination.

Things for Task Management
Devonthink and Eagle will essentially be my Finder replacement for Documents and Images.

I’m investigating Photo and Video tools. I might end up with Davinci Resolve for video and DXO for photo editing.

I’m not as afraid of AI as some people. There is always upside/downside but what’s fascinating to me is what obstacles can be overcome from software development all the way to interoperability (a HUGE issue in just about every vertical)

I like some of Microsofts moves but more increasingly i’m loving the idea of disaggregation of computing elements without the pain points of interoperability issues.

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