DOCK HELP -Dock Mate / Hyper Dock

I was a long time Hyper Dock user and loved the app very much. The developer seems to have lost interest and I am looking for a replacement. I tried the Dock Mate trial and it worked pretty well. Then I bought the app (14.99 USD) and it has not worked since.

Does anyone here use an app similar to these?

It is relatively simple, you hover your mouse over an icon in your dock and if there are multiple windows open it will give you a preview of those windows and you can simply click on the one you want to navigate to.

Tried contacting DockMate’s developer?

Take a look at uBar.

I use ActiveDock. Pretty much tried everything and have always come back to that.
uBar started out great but now just crashes when I tried it on Ventura.

I have uBar running on two machines, a Mac Studio, my main machine, which is on Monterey, and a 2018 Mini, on Ventura. And while I only occasionally use the Mini, I’ve not noticed any issues with uBar under Ventura that I haven’t also seen with Monterey.

As I plan to move to Ventura on the Studio in the not to distant future, I’m curious as to how it “just crashes”. Does it crash on start up? Or does it run for a while and then fail?

Thanks in advance.

I have. I reached out to the developer 2 weeks and then again this past Tuesday.

No response as of now.


Thanks for the suggestion, MevetS.

I will check that out.

I have had a few recommendations for uBar. I will check it out.

I am currently running a Macbook Air M2 with Ventura. I have an external display attached to the laptop.

Dock Mate loaded perfectly fine when I initially downloaded the application. After the trial was done I decided to buy that app. (14.99). After I loaded my credentials into the software it never worked again.

I deleted and reinstalled. Nothing.

If i get resoltuion from the developer I will update this thread with the solution.