Does anyone use chatology?

I did a search but came up dry.

Does anyone use Chatology by Flexibits? It drives me bonkers when I have to find an old text. Half the time, I don’t even know if it was in a chat with a single person or a group.

I never looked at this software but just saw it listed as a must have mac app over on Macstories.

Haven’t used it, but a general warning about those MacStories ‘best of’ lists - they can change, sometimes radically, by year. The Mac list is probably more stable because the author, John Vorhees, is less capricious about switching to the New Shiny than Federico Viticci, who, for example, used to trumpet OmniFocus, then Todoist, then Things … until this year he geeked out on the plumbing inside GoodTask. (In iOS writing he went over the years from Editorial to Ulysses and now to IA Writer, and he recently switched from being a DevonThink devotee to using Keep It.) Still, the apps recommended might better be seen as Top-3 or Top-5 in their categories and not relied on as actually being ‘best’ or a ‘must have’.

Chatology seems like a cool app, and Flexibits is known for quality software (Cardhop, Fantastical). It has a 14-day free trial … so decide for yourself! :grinning:


Whether Federico (or any other online personality) switches around a bunch isn’t really all that relevant to whether or not a given app would be good for me. The fact that he finds something the best or a must have doesn’t mean it fits my needs, so lists like this are no more than a starting point for me to consider different apps and how they’d fit my workflows.

If anything, the fact that he switches apps often is a positive because it provides a constant stream of apps that I can evaluate. If he were recommending the exact same thing year after year then all this list would be were apps that I either already use or already decided didn’t fit for me.


Agree with you 100% on the ever-changing moods of MacStories. I get a lot of value from MacStories but most people that follow their app suggestions blindly would go crazy trying to keep up.

I’m also with @ChrisUpchurch in that any list (not just MacStories) are a starting point, especially if I have never heard of it like Chatology. In truth, I have heard of it because I’m a long time user of Fantastical but I never looked into it until now and realized that it may solve a problem. The problem isn’t a common one but when I need to search for something in Messages, it can be quite aggravating.

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