Does this make me a bad person? 😳

Definitely. Makes it easier to parse them out into my task manager or a later email search

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2:49 PM: “I’ve got my :eyes: on you” <Attachment: BabyStaringAwkwardly2160p.MP4>
2:53 PM: “Don’t slack off” <Attachment: BabyTakingANap2160p.MP4>
2:54 PM: “Bill, can you check out this error about mail server being out of space?”

I’ve been there a few too many times, including working at a dial-up ISP when the “dancing baby” video was circulating via email in the early 2000s. :slight_smile:

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C’mon, I don’t have time to do that, I’ve got all these emails @Bmosbacker keeps sending me!


I can sympathise. Not sure about you, but we’ve not been to the office since March last year, have not even physically been in the same location since.
Sending an email now starts to seem “normal” where a quick walk over and a chat would have a year ago.

Hope we soon get back to normal so you can have the quick chat at the coffee machine, and tick off three or four actions in the process.

and: No, it really does not make you a bad person :slight_smile:

Did you send 49 text messages to let people know that you had sent them an email?


I just have to say how much I’ve enjoyed reading the responses to this post. Some had me laughing out loud while others offered practical advice. All offered charitably. :wink:

My post, while accurate and genuine, was also a bit tongue-in-cheek. I don’t believe sending 49 emails makes me a bad person. I have plenty of other flaws that will suffice for that definition. :blush:

Here is the context for my emails, which may, in the eyes of some, absolve me.

I was working from home out of necessity. Ninety plus percent of the emails were related to the same topic–our Covid-19 reopening plan. I will not bore you with all of the reasons why what I’m about to write is true but suffice it to say that the emails had to cover a lot of territory. The reopening plan, which had been in development over the last three months, had to be completed on Friday, along with an appropriate communication, which is subject to press scrutiny. The plan touched upon biblical, ethical, legal, health and safety, logistical, marketing, communications, PR, enrollment, personnel, sanitation, food-service, and other issues. It also involved ensuring board support. The plan was completed and the communication finalized and queued for delivery today. Given the volatile political climate in our country, we had to get this just right. The right decision, the right explanation, the right tone.

Given all of that and my physical absence from the office, there was not an option for constant verbal communication.

What prompted my post was the surprise that I’d sent SO MANY emails, in addition to calls and a few texts. I seldom send that many emails.

That said, the advice offered is valuable for the future–and I thoroughly enjoyed the humor!

Thanks for all of your responses. They reflect the great quality and friendliness of this forum!