Donor Management Software experience or recommendations?

I was just curious if anyone here has experience positive or negative with anything used to track donors for a non-profit, etc. And what they might recommend?

I work with a local non-profit group who is interested in updating what they use and figured someone here would probably have a recommendation!

It’s not my primary duty at our nonprofit, but I have some oversight of our fundraising.

We have used DonorPerfect for years, but we just switched to Kindful.

I can put you in touch with our Development Director, if you’re interested in learning more.

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Thanks! I’ll check them out and let you know if I have any specific questions. Much appreciated!

Andre, I am not sure what size your nonprofit is or what donor management system (DMS) you currently use, so these suggestions cover the small to medium nonprofit. At the small end, you can use QuickBooks Online Pro. Although it is an accounting program, you can also use it as a DMS. I recommend you purchase it through TechSoup (no cost to join). The yearly subscription is usually over $700 a year, but through TechSoup, it only costs $50 for the whole year. It is somewhat cumbersome as a DMS, but in conjunction with Constant Contact (the low-end version is about $49 a month) or another mailing system, you can make it work. In addition to DonorPerfect and Kindful (which are in the medium cost range), you can check this link for a comparison - - of different DMS packages. Finally, one of the nonprofits I work with uses Network for Good. It is a comprehensive DMS package and is helping them grow their donor base. They made a one-time payment of $2400 for a year. Network for Good has a monthly option also. My response may be TMI, but …

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Very helpful - thanks. We are small but not all at the same time. Most of the donor management has been offline and local - so trying to find something that balances out needs with cost as the current software they are using is pretty cheap and more reporting based rather than contact focused, etc. And nothing is very automated at the moment.

They are currently using a desktop version of this: