Downgrading iTunes using a clone

Hi all!

I could use a little help. I have upgraded my iTunes from to thinking it would solve a problem I had, but it didn’t. Since it has taken away the possibility to sync apps I’d like to go back to the previous version. I found explanations online as to how to move back to 12.7 relatively easily or more convolutedly (Terminal), but since I have a clone containing the old version of iTunes I was wondering if I can just get it back that way or do I have to go through the delete and install process?


It’s not just the app package, it’s the data behind it as well. You may not be able to roll the data back to work with a previous version.

Agreed. The only way that I would do that is to restore the entire clone.

Trying to selectively restore it is just asking for trouble. That way lies madness.

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Thanks to both. The clone is not new enough as far as the rest of the files is concerned. Not too worried about the iTunes library, I use it very little and there’s no change there, but I gather it’s not a good idea anyway. Too bad that you cannot selectively choose which features you want in the different versions of software.

One more thing: downgrading to 12.7 doesn’t work either, because Apple has stopped signing that version ( or rather: I think that’s the reason, the certificate has expired, although the installer replies that my version of OS doesn’t support that version of iTunes, although it does meet the system requirements, officially). Does that mean I am stuck with a version without the app management? Or does anybody have any other tips?