Download Plain Text of Google Docs

I’m trying to consolidate my text files across all different systems into one. Is there any quick way/workflow to extract plain text from Google Docs and add them as new notes in another system (e.g., Bear)? Thanks!

Well, you can use direct file links to convert and download the docs if you have their URLs. An option there is plain text.

You can download Google sheets via the Google Drive option in Google Takeout.

Google Scripts would of course provide additional automation options.

Your import choices depend on the output format of your original, platform (presumably iOS, Mac or full cloud), and of course what your final destination is. The fact that you listed Bear as an example suggests that you are undecided on the final destination so it is impossible to really suggest anything concrete. However you may have options utilising AppleScript, native app import, command line, Workflow, Keyboard Maestro keying automation, Automator integration, drag and drop, simple file relocation or use of a dedicated import/transform app/service.

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