Downloadable DEVONthink databases?

Is anyone aware of any repositories of publicly available and downloadable DEVONthink databases? By that I mean collections on a subject that someone else has curated and made available to the public. I’m familiar with many of these in the Anki community but have not been able to find any in the DT community.


Interesting question. Interesting why there wouldn’t be such databases on offer.

I’ve never seen a repository of publicly available DEVONthink databases. I’m actually not certain why anyone would offer a database up to the public domain. Anki examples are more focused topics than most databases: French verbs, or trig functions, or the periodic table.

Yes, I imagine these databases would be less focused than an Anki deck but still relatively narrowly topical, the benefit to the downloader being the work put into the material gathered, the organization of that material, and, the benefit for the provider perhaps being the database format acting as a shield against the copyright claims that would result from simply offering the bare files and documents for download.