Downloading iOS 15 public

I had no problem downloading iPadOS 15 public but when I try to download the profile for the iPhone there is no download button. Instead there is the following statement - iOS device required for download.
Any ideas how to correct this problem?

What phone model are you trying to download the profile onto?

FYI, I see a download profile button when I go to the beta website on my iPhone 12pro but did not try to actually install it there since that phone is my daily driver. I have a spare iPhone 7 at home I might try after checking it’s compatible with the new OS.

Also, check the following thread. It looks like there might be issues if content blockers or requesting desktop sites are involved.

I am using a iPhone 11 iOS 14.7

Thank you! My content blockers was off but the requesting desktop sites was on. I turned it off, went to the website and the download profile was there.

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Thanks @JoePreiser it was the Desktop website preventing the download, not the content blocker.

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