Downtime Always allowed Apps

I’m on the latest version of IOS 16, but my iPhone 14 Pro keeps “losing” track of apps I want to always be available (i.e. not time bound by DND/Sleep mode)

I add one and then a few days later I go to use it and it’s no longer in the list.

This has happened multiple times. Is anyone else experiencing this?

I’m going to re-up this topic because the same thing is happening to me with my iPad on the latest iPadOS. It drives me bonkers! I can’t figure out anything that might be triggering it to “forget” what I have “Always Allowed.”

Anyone else seeing this? Any hints?



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TBH I’ve given up. But it’s so annoying.

I lose my entire list. It happened about 7-8 times in the first two months of this year, I estimate. It is happening less frequently now.

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