Drafts 5 To Things 3

Ok… See the light. Hallelujah! I didn’t buy the big funnel analogy, as in shove all that text into the Drafts funnel. I knew I could send text from Drafts to Ulysse. Big deal, I could put it straight into Ulysses — one step not the two step.

Went to Drafts site and looked for actions that worked with Things 3. I spotted two Thing Prompt by joshdick and Multiple Items To Things by Rosemary Orchard. Hmm… Promising, sneak a task into Things … Yep, the day, notes, and project… (had to substitute my projects for josh’s).

Heck, I don’t know if I’ll adopt Drafts. But if I discover a few more "actions " …

What actions are working for you?

For a super quick “dump it into Things and sort it out later,” I have an action that uses the Things mail drop email address. I type something, hit the button, and it’s gone, off to the Things inbox. I did the same with OmniFocus before switching to things.