Drafts: Add dictation to markdown keyboard?

I use Drafts to manage most of my initial communications, articles, presentations and more. I often use the dictation feature, which is excellent in the Drafts app.

Generally, I prefer to use the Markdown keyboard in Drafts but it does not have the dictation feature available. Is there a way to copy the dictation feature from the Basic keyboard to the Markdown keyboard so that the feature is available on both keyboards?

Tap the Drafts icon in the upper right (maybe they call it the Action menu), which should show the actions.
Choose the Keyboard-Basic group.
Tap Select near lower right.
Turn on check marks for the dictation actions you want.
Tap Operations at the lower left of the actions window.
Tap Copy too…
Choose the group you want to copy the actions to.

To change placement above the keyboard, choose the group from the Actions menu (as above).
Tap Select
Tap and hold, then drag items up and down
Tap Cancel, and the items will remain as you set them.


Worked perfectly, thanks. I was failing to select the “select” option in order to make the copy and move. Thanks again, the help is much appreciated.


Another way go to getdrafts and download the action again pointed at the group you want. Not elegant but works.

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