Drafts disappointing on Apple Watch

Hello dear MPU fellows,

I have a new shine toy - an Apple Watch, since a week and I wonder: does anyone find Drafts on AW pretty useless or is it just me? So, my problems with it:

  • The last selected dictation language is not saved. I am speaking more than one language on a regular basis (3, actually) and for some reason the “dictate” feature of drafts always select the wrong one. I have to change it manually on the AW with a long press, which is a pain.
  • Siri’s dictation is terrible, and always was. If you tell it “buy milk” you may have some success, but if you tell it something like “Idea: switch dnd mode with Scriptable when the phone is turned with it’s face down” it will most likely produce a pile of garbage.
  • It is not “fire&forget” - you still have to press “done” after dictation

This is sad, since I thought that I would use Drafts a lot on AW. Momentally I am thinking about Just Press since it is easier to record the voice completely than to look at a nonsense text in the evening and wonder what it was all about. My wish to Drafts is it would offer something similar.

So, I wonder - is anyone using Drafts on AW and what for exactly?

From memory this is actually based on the language keyboard last in use on your iPhone rather than Drafts specifically (though I might be wrong).

I tend to use Drafts to dictate in English and Just Press Record for the other languages - or things with mixed languages.

So, I’ve tested Just Record and it looks pretty good. It has a very straight forward interface. One possibility would be to import the transcripts from the iPhone app to Drafts, but since Siri produces mostly garbage and Just Record can place recorded files directly in the iCloud, the idea is to write a Hazel rule which will make a task in OF if a new recording appears. Still have to think about how such a rule should look like to exclude duplicates.

The dictation with Drafts on the Watch doesn’t work for me. @MacSparky always talks about how it overcomes the Siri timer. But in my case, not only does it have the timer, it always crashes when I talk longer than this timer, losing whatever I have dictated so far. This was like this on the previous version 4, but didn’t change with drafts 5 and with a new phone.
Am I the only one with that problem? Maybe it has to do with my language and location (german)?

@Robert … The Drafts unlimited time trick only works on the phone. Like @ptarh, I’ve been using “Just Press Record” a lot lately and am finding the transcription is pretty good.

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Ah, I misunderstood that! But do you also experience the crashing when talking to long on the watch?