Drafts for mac availability

Hey David

Any inside news on when Drafts for mac will be released?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
What features will be most desirable?


I can’t wait for this! I feel like this is a huge missing piece of my current workflow that will be so much more efficient when available on my Mac with some Hazel rules added on top :drooling_face:

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On that episode of Do By Friday I believe Greg Pierce said it would be sometime in the summer…maybe September?

Really looking forward to this!

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Until Drafts for Mac is available, this app is about 50% as good. And that makes it very useful indeed. If I just want to type something quickly on the Mac and don’t want to think about which app to put it in, I use this. I call it up with a global keyboard shortcut, Ctrl-Cmd-N, dozens of times a day.