Drafts - Images in Previews

I saw in the release notes that Drafts now supports image previews, which is a great step for the application. I tried it out and the results are good. I don’t often need to incorporate images into notes, but there are going to be times when this is going to be really handy. Now I have to figure out a folder system to organize images for Drafts so that it doesn’t become disorganized.

To make images available in Drafts you need to add them to iCloud Drive/Drafts/Library/Previews folder.


Isn’t this method similar to how iA Writer handles images?

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Greg Pierce is a developer who keeps on giving. Well done.


On iOS…




I’ve never used iA Writer, I do all my writing in Ulysses. If it is the same, it’s a great way to separate text and images and still focus on writing Markdown.

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Greg Pierce is one of the few developers that not only makes a subscription worth it, he makes us feel guilty that we aren’t paying enough. :grinning:

he is Flexbits in the Bizarro World.


This wasn’t working until somehow I got a path with %20s for the spaces. Any ideas as to how get this format for an image? Thanks.

Folder Organization is next update I guess for the image attachments. I would rather have an inbox for the attachments and not have to deal with the organization. Like link them via some sort of UUID and not worry about where they live.

Just this folder or are subfolders feasible?

It’s not just general organisation but rather the fact different presentations want their own assets. (When I say presentations I’m using mdpre and md2pptx to build presentations from Markdown authored and curated in Drafts.)

(As I’m on the beta for Drafts - both Mac and iPad/iPhone - I should probably try it.)

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Subfolders work. In the screenshot shown in the first post I placed the images in:

iCloud Drive/Drafts/Library/Previews/images