Drafts Sync Changed Note

I have a draft called Monday for stuff I needed to do today. I then changed the Monday to Tuesday and wrote my list using my iPad. Then on my phone it hadn’t synced. Went to my iPad and it popped up but then disappeared going back to my Monday list… what gives? Did I do something wrong reguarding syncing?

Probably: the original change didn’t sync but the change you made on the iPhone (even if it was just a typed space) did, and so when the iPad connected it was given the ‘latest’ version of the document.

Versioning would be nice, wouldn’t it…

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Yeah exactly. Do I pull down on the drafts to sync? It’s been so long since I’ve run into that issue.

The Drafts issue I’m having lately is a dictated note not deleting. I have deleted and archived the note numerous times, but it continues to come back.

when in the draft, tap the info ⓘ button at the top, and check the version history. The version you had is likely there and saved, but it might have run into a bug due to a number of different factors dealing with cellular/wifi connections. If there isn’t a version there that had your note, send in a support email. Helpful to diagnose what is wrong.


Your absolutely right, I didn’t know they had versioning. I will write to the developers though explaining my problem so they are aware.