Dragon for Mac is Discontinued!


Do you guys know if Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac is discontinued as well?



You can select the microphone. Using my podcast mic is one of the reasons I get good results with both Dragon and Built-in.


Just as I get a minor flare of RSI and think about trying out Dragon for real I learn that it has been discontinued. I guess it is the built-in dictation then.


The built-in Mac is okay, but Dragon was definitely superior. I cannot understand why no-one else will develop a similar product.


It probably has to do with market share. Dictation is a complicated product, with a limited market to start with, and then Apple basically cut the low end out of the market by building a “good enough for most people” product into the OS.

That makes the number of people who are willing to pay for the product much, much smaller, and basically makes it so development doesn’t make financial sense.


I just ran across an ad on Twitter for Amazon’s Transcribe service.


Anybody know of an alternative for MAc OS ?


Just tired Just Press Record to transcribe a 34 min audio file, and it’s pretty useless. My recording has several terms that would be unfamiliar or infrequently used, but JPR is not transcribing frequently used words correctly. It uses Apple’s speech to text service.


Can anyone confirm if V5 (prior to most recent) does NOT work on Mojave?

Support supposedly stopped short of HS - but took a chance in upgrading from Sierra, and it survived… Keen to try Mojave, but I’m still a fairly heavy user of Dragon v5… :sob: