Dramatically different step counts and distances between iPhones? (pedometer++)

I have an 11 Pro Max, son has an 11, wife has an 8. All using Pedometer++.

Saturday we go for a walk and my phone shows 3.1 miles. Wife and son’s showing 4-4.1 miles. I full expect a difference of up to maybe 10%? But this is consistent. Her phone shows much more distance than mine.

Inside Pedometer++ we both have our heights entered, and both have Advanced Distance Estimation enabled anyway. Any ideas? I’m kinda stumped. Thanks!

I try to walk 5 miles a day six days a week, weather permitting. Depending on my pace I’ve seen my distance vary by a tenth of a mile or two but not that much. Make sure you have your data entered into your iPhone Heath app and then compare the results you see with Pedometer. (As a matter of fact, I don’t see any place to enter height in the Pedometer app??)

Saturday my Heath app reported 13,238 and Pedometer reported 13,905. (I have Ped set to merge data from my phone & watch)

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Thanks, Wayne. I’ll tinker some more. Your results seem in the range of the kind of variation I expected to see.