Drobo Dashboard Security

I recently rebuilt my iMac. One of the things I haven’t reinstalled yet is the Drobo Dashboard app. When I was using it before, I also had Little Snitch running and noticed it gets a LOT of incoming connections from all over the world.

It also asks for some firewall holes to be enabled for the Drobo Dashboard, DDserviced and DDserviced64 services. This seems odd as well.

Does anybody share my concerns about the security of this app? Or can anybody assuage my fears?

I haven’t used a Drobo in a couple of years. But I can’t think of any reason you would need to open FW ports if the Drobo is located on your local network. Dashboard was able to check for updates, etc. without any changes to our FW.

Little Snitch can be a valuable tool, but it required a lot of research on my part to understand what it was reporting. It’s not unusual to see apps from major companies making a dozen or more connections every time you use them

I get all of that – but what I am seeing is lots of INCOMING connections?

Sorry, in my case I only used Drobos for for local storage and Time Machine backup. So the only connection with the internet was from my computer, running Drobo dashboard, requesting updates, etc.

The only legitimate reason I can think of for other Drobo related inbound traffic would be that features like remote access, Plex, etc. have been installed/enabled on the Drobo.

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Ah yes – that makes sense. I will investigate. Thanks!