Drummer outliner

Have any of you seen this?

Yes, I know - it’s another tool, just what you needed. But still…

  1. It’s from Dave Winer
  2. There is a Mac app (Electron, of course)
  3. It’s outliner-based, as are all of Winer’s things, evidently
  4. You can send threaded Tweets from it.
  5. You can blog from it.
  6. It appears to also be useful for journaling.

Please sign on to Twitter to access your outlines.

Not for me, thanks.


Yep. Found it via the Thinking About Tools for Thought podcast, which I found in turn via Chris Aldrich’s Huffduffer “digital gardens” tag/feed (https://huffduffer.com/tags/digital+gardens).

I think it’s interesting. Signed up for it as soon as it came out of beta (a few days ago, I think?) but haven’t really had time to experiment with it yet. The fact that it can be used as a platform for blogging and tweeting is interesting to me; I’d be interested in finding something that allows me to do both while also offering some knowledge management functionality.

Not sure if it’s on the roadmap, but I’d be even more excited if Drummer offered itself as a PWA. And I’m curious about the different ways it might support multiplayer collaboration in the future.

Slight tangent, but related as a note-making app that also facilitates publishing threads to Twitter: https://www.thunknotes.com/

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Thanks for mentioning that. Looks interesting!

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I’ve deleted the tool for a few reasons:

  1. Kinda rough around the edges, being newer.
  2. Some odd UI choices and non-working keyboard shortcuts
  3. I forgot how much of an $ssh$ole Winer can be. Life’s too short for that.