DTTG sync between 2 users

Can Devon think to go sync between two different users? I would like to have both my wife and myself be able to sync specific data bases or folders.

I think that DEVONThink is not at all set up for that sort of syncing. It might be possible, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

There are options and advice offered by the Devontechnology experts themselves:
(Note that they are always very responsive on their own forum,might you have further questions)


You will only be able to sync whole databases.

Depending on the devices in question (just iOS or if there is/are Mac(s) in the mix, and how you want to set up sync (direct connect when all devices are on the same network or via a sync store), it may be possible to have all devices except one which would act as the main “server” sync a subset of the databases.

As previously suggested, the folks on the DEVONtechnologies forum would be best able to assist with your specific situation.

I share a reference database with my wife, and as long as there are no(t too many) simultanious changes I’ve found it works as normal.

If you want to share a folder I would recommend putting it in a separate database and access that one from both of your devices.

And, as said in all comments so far: DT support and the DT forums are your best resource for this. They’re awesome!