Dual-SIM and eSIM

Is anyone on the public beta, using the dual sim feature on the new iPhone Xs?

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US carriers will need to furnish a QR code before a line can be activated using the eSIM, though according to German site iPhone-Ticker.de (as reported by MacRumors), some Deutsche Telekom users have reportedly already having used the eSIM to add a second line to an iPhone.

A month late to the game, I got an iPhone Xs Max from Hong Kong with real dual sim (none of the carriers I use support esim, and convincing work to switch carriers is unlikely to happen!) - and it’s brilliant. I love it and this weekend when I visited my parents I was able to keep using my regular data plan whilst switching primary phone calls and SMS to my UK number.


I wish the dual physical SIM phones had been the standard. I use a different carrier for international travel. At this time, neither my primary nor international carrier supports eSIM so I will need to swap SIMs when I go overseas.

Whenever the US carriers get around to supporting eSIM, I just hope they don’t try to disable the eSIM from being able to switch to other carriers or make using the eSIM price prohibitive if one wants to move the line to a new device.

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Hi Rose,

Did you have to physically go to Hong Kong to purchase your Xs Max?

Nope. I found mine on eBay!