DuckDuckGo I agree

How do you do that? I thought you could only do that with Mozilla Firefox.

Go to Settings /
Privacy, Search, Services /
Clear Browsing Data /
Choose what to clear every time you close the browser

Ah, okay. I’m used to Mozilla’s way of doing it.

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I’m not qualified to say which browser is safest. In the last few years I’ve been using Safari as my primary browser, and Google Chrome when using Google Workspace (mail, calendar, etc). Lately I’ve found Safari to be unstable and have temporarily replaced it with Microsoft Edge. My opinion is that all three are safe to use and chromium browsers in general are the most compatible with most websites.

However, that has nothing to do with privacy. I regularly delete my browser cache mainly to avoid seeing advertisements “follow” me around the web. In truth, it probably does very little to keep me from being tracked. If I’m not using a VPN my ISP knows basically everything I do online. My operating system, the programs and fonts I have installed, my browser, my screen resolution, etc., etc. can be used to create a unique fingerprint of my computer. And that can be used to identify me even if I use a VPN. So I try to stay safe by using good practices and not worry about things I cannot control, like who is tracking me.

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Good news: it looks like DDG’s been able to get out of the requirement not to block Microsoft’s ad trackers on third party sites.

Over the next week, we will expand the third-party tracking scripts we block from loading on websites to include scripts from Microsoft in our browsing apps (iOS and Android) and our browser extensions (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and Opera), with beta apps to follow in the coming month. This expands our 3rd-Party Tracker Loading Protection, which blocks identified tracking scripts from Facebook, Google, and other companies from loading on third-party websites, to now include third-party Microsoft tracking scripts.


Yeah, I noticed Microsoft trackers being blocked about a week or two ago.