Dumb PDF Expert Default File Location Question

I hate to ask such a basic question to power users but humility is a virtue, though ignorance is not! :slight_smile:

When I use the share extension to save a file to PDF Expert, it is stored in PDF Expert but not in iCloud-where I have PDF Expert syncing. This requires me to manually move the files to the iCloud folder in PDF Expert. Attached are two screenshots that I hope illustrate the issue. I checked the settings in PDF Expert but do not see where to set the default saved location to iCloud so I don’t have to manually move them. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks

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Readdle has an extensive help site for PDF Expert.

This page in particular might help you.

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Thanks everyone, I appreciate the input. Based on what was shared I have figured out a workout for the default send location of the PDF Expert share extension.Thanks again.