Duo-type prompts for all 2FA sites?

I have used Authy for 2FA for years. Today I decided to give 1Password a try for the 2FA function (I already use it for password management), and didn’t see that much usefulness vs. Authy, as it still involves copying and pasting the one-time passcode generated every 30 seconds.

What I really want is for everything to work like my work login does with using Duo, where after I login with my username and password, I get a magical prompt on my Apple Watch to simply “accept” and voila I am logged in!

But when I tried adding one of my own non-work accounts to Duo, I found that it worked just like Authy — it just generates a 6-digit code every 30 seconds.

Is there some magical solution out there I have missed, where I can get Duo-like work account-like automation for 2FA logins?

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Not sure on the Duo thing, but 1PW copies the OTP to the clipboard to paste it or even fills it in for me.

Hmmmm. I thought I still had to manually copy and paste? How do you automate this?

In Settings > AutoFill there is a switch to Copy One-Time Passwords

Hope this helps.

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To answer the part about Duo Security: an app has to develop support for the Duo login flow, or support a login method that uses Duo, or else you can’t use it. It requires two-way communication between the app/site and Duo. TOTP codes don’t require any communication; they just generate the same number at the same time based on the same algorithm, and the app uses that same algorithm to confirm that the code matches and lets you in.

Sure enough! I’m not sure why I thought otherwise, but that seems to be the case. Thanks also to Tony for pointing out that setting for iOS!!